Graphics Section Rules

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Graphics Section Rules

Post by Λlphα on Tue Jun 16, 2015 3:38 pm

Rule #1: Don't steal people's work and claim it as your own. Only post stuff you made yourself or have the permission to post on behalf of someone.

Rule #2: Try to accept constructive critism and do not complain about your work being disliked. If you bother to post it up, don't expect everyone to like it. Remember we are not an art forum but at least try not to be harsh on your critiques. Any CnC found to be offensive to the thread starter will be deleted.

Rule #3: Don't Flame on people's work!

Rule #4: Don't "Necropost" (reply to an old thread), Owner of the thread may bump the thread if he/she updated it.

Rule #5: This section is followed with the same rule of Team Khaos forum rules.


Any offence to these rules may result with a warning or even a suspension. You have been warned.

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