I guess this should do.

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I guess this should do.

Post by Ryanasd on Mon Feb 22, 2016 7:37 am

Hello, well I'm like the 26th member of the team I guess, I hope I wasn't late lol. I usually played PSO2 long time before ever since PSO2JP was Still Beta, and then till open beta I guess, then because of SEA happened, I played mostly on there because well, there's stupid IP blocks and stuff, ugh. Nevertheless, I main at PSO2 SEA and then I revisit my old account in JP as in curious of the new stuff, I'll be playing but in odd hours so well I guess I'll try to online if can at west times when I'm free.

Anyways I'm 'Ryan Waber' at Ship 02, yeah my ID was created when I was naive, and so I put my real name in front of the ID but oh well, at least it's a spaced name.....its cool....Well was a DchaosMs player since before Wizstory happened and played as well, though maybe more than casual terms. But I guess I'll play this occasionally since its related and cool Team name lol. Hope I'm not a stranger anymoar.....my Avatar and signature I'll be using my SEA one but oh well maybe will update in the future or not. Good day to you all!

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